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Private Chauffeur

"Executive" Viano

We offers this "Executive" equipped car with Chauffure in Stockholm.


Did you know that it is possible to order our cars with Chauffeur to other cities in Scandinavia?

Stockholm - Göteborg  -Oslo

Köpenhamn - Helsingfors

Viano Executive

1 700 SEK/H

The Mercedes Viano Executive is perfect for a small group of people and as a shuttle vehicle. You step up into the Viano, rather than sitting down, which gives it the shuttle feeling.

Step Up

Yet it is a full-leather luxury van, providing the optimal ratio between space and refinement. The passenger compartment has twin side doors, pop-up tables and its own climate control.


The Mercedes Viano Executive is the favourite choice for many business groups as it comfortably fits five passengers. A sixth passenger can be seated if using the front seat as well. The Viano is a frequently booked vehicle for trips from Arlanda to Stockholm, or vice-versa.




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