Scandinavian Ambassador Club

Invitation, Monday 1st of June, From 17:30

Your Excellency,

Mr Charles and KOMBO have the pleasure to invite you to our second Scandinavian Embassy Club 2020.


Imagine a sophisticated sports bar. Pool table, pinball, elite level darts. Add poker tables, ping pong tables and the coolest racing car simulator you can imagine.

Then imagine the suite at Stockholm's most luxurious hotel. Comfortable sofas, soft lighting and sophisticated design.


Finally, you add a private cinema room in a cave with such amazing sound that no IMAX cinema in the world can compete with it. In the lounge, the softest music flows from unparalleled speakers.

Welcome to KOMBO - a private lounge bar in Stockholm with experiences you just have to try. Have a drink and make yourself feel as you are home!


Get the opportunity to listen to Ellen Bjerkehags, Director at Global Woman, view of female entrepreneurship globally with Sweden as origin!


To participate, please fill out the form below.


Sincerely, Mr Charles

Tack! Meddelande skickat.