Private Chauffure - Mr Charles - Mercedes Sprinter

Private Chauffure

Mercedes E-Class

We offers this "Executive" equipped car with Chauffure in Stockholm.


Did you know that it is possible to order our cars with Chauffure to other cities in Scandinavia?

Stockholm - Göteborg  - Oslo

Köpenhamn - Helsingfors

Mercedes E-Class

1 400 SEK/H

Dynamic proportions with exciting line-up give the E-Class Kombi a unique ease and give the car an incredibly elegant look.

The many equipment variants give the car an individual feel.
Every line and surface follows the principle of a sensible and clear design.
An interior that conveys comfort, style and generosity.

German Luxury

Even more space to realize itself: The coupe in the new E-Class with
a new chair concept and the highest quality feeling offer outstanding comfort
underlining the modern luxury of Mercedes-Benz.

Ideal Comfort

Intelligence for security.
The modern security systems make E-Class Sedan an attentive companion. Horizontal lines provide optical width. The style is characterized by the elegant materials.




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